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Valais Insider is a company dedicated to make your life easier, and make you feel at home in Valais. Through our expertise and extensive local network, we will either provide the service directly or source it to a provider that will meet your needs.



Our mission at Valais Insider is to help you get settled and integrated as smoothly and quickly as possible. We go beyond the pure logistics and try to give you all the keys to rebuild your network and feel comfortable in your new environment.

Personal Concierge

At Valais Insider, we want to make busy people’s life easier, creating time for them to do the things they love. We also love to help people visiting Valais to organize their stay, so that they can enjoy their time here at the fullest.


Valais Inside works along side trustworthy professionals to plan and manage your event, coordinating every detail from start to finish. Whether we organize a birthday party, a family reunion, a romantic week-end or a corporate event, we have only one idea in mind… watching you smile at the end of the day!


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Valais is a fast-growing region. The quality of life, the excellent infrastructure and the laid back lifestyle are attracting more and more companies and professionals. Great outdoors, healthy living and plenty of international and local events, make the region’s charm.

Valais insider is based in Sion and focus primarily in the French-speaking region going from Martigny to Sierre (Valais Central), but we can also cater for clients outside this area.

On a personal note

I landed in Valais in 2010. Valais was totally new to my family and I, and the settling down came with a good deal of challenges.

A few years, life events, encounters and discoveries down the road, I have got to know and love this Canton and its people.

I want to share this insight and make our customers feel at home in Valais. Silvia Avanzi

Owner & Director

Tell us what you need and we will custom make a solution for you. Rich out!


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